Catching Up With Magnolia Federal Credit Union

First launched in early 2010 with Kasasa Cash and Saver, let’s catch up with Magnolia Federal Credit Union.

Located in the bustling city of Jackson, Mississippi, this hometown community bank can fulfill all of your financial needs and all with a touch of Southern hospitality.

MFCU is a full-service financial institution and a Kasasa provider. They offer a full array of financial products and services and do it all carefully and thoughtfully, unlike the megabanks.

Another cool thing about MFCU? They are a not-for-profit financial cooperative meaning you get reduced fees, lower interest rates on loans and higher returns on savings. And to show even more of Magnolia’s awesomeness, every single account at MFCU is insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). This means you don’t need to lose sleep over your banking woes anymore – you can trust Magnolia Federal Credit Union.

All in all, Magnolia Federal Credit Union is nothing like a megabank. They’re not going to treat you like you don’t matter. They are here to take care of you with as much familiarity, comfort and rapport as possible.

As a Kasasa provider, MFCU features four different Kasasa accounts:

  • Kasasa Cash ™
  • Kasasa Giving™
  • Kasasa Tunes™
  • Kasasa Saver™

MFCU customers can choose between any one of these accounts that cater to individual lifestyle needs. Kasasa Cash is a free checking account that pays massive interest in cash each month. Kasasa Giving is a free checking account that not only pays you massive interest but pays money forward to a cause you care about. For the music lover, Kasasa Tunes is a free checking account that gives you free iTunes downloads every month.

Nonetheless, Kasasa isn’t all about checking. With Kasasa Saver, you get a free, high-interest saver account linked to your free Kasasa Cash checking account that automatically deposits the interest earned on your Kasasa Cash and ATM fees into your Saver. Plus the saver account earns interest too.

If you’re a Mississippian trying to get away from those inattentive megabanks and you’re looking for a bank that will treat you like family, look no further than Magnolia Federal Credit Union in Jackson, MS.

Do you Kasasa at Magnolia Federal Credit Union?

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