Putting People First in Banking for Three Years

Kasasa Turns ThreeKasasa is three this month! Kasasa accounts first launched at a handful of local banks and credit unions in May of 2009. Since then, we’ve seen some amazing growth:

  • We now have 78 Kasasa providers across 34 states (with many more in the pipeline, ready to serve you with the best accounts and best customer service around!)
  • There are over 200,000 Kasasa account holders across the U.S.
  • We developed a new financial management tool, Kasasa 360, which helps you manage all of your finances in one, secure place

We created Kasasa to be a bright light in the dull gray world of banking. For too long people believed that they didn’t deserve to be rewarded for letting an institution borrow their money, that paying fees for a checking account was acceptable, and that a free checking account was as good as it would get.

Kasasa was created as a new option and a new way to bank, one that is centered around you. Free checking isn’t enough anymore. (Don’t let the big banks fool you! Even though they are making free checking even more rare by ending their free accounts, you still deserve more!) You deserve choices, great service, and awesome rewards that mean something to you. That’s what we kept in mind when creating the Kasasa checking and savings accounts.

And that’s why we only work with the best community banks and credit unions across the nation. They provide stellar customer service, and they truly believe you deserve something back for entrusting them with your money. On top of that, community institutions keep our communities and economy strong: when you deposit your money in a community bank or credit union, they turn around and loan it to small businesses and other consumers in the community.

That’s why we’re so happy that over 200,000 of you have joined the movement and become Kasasa account holders, celebrating a new way to bank and making communities across America stronger. We hope you have enjoyed using your accounts and we’re looking forward to offering even more awesome tools and accounts to change the way you bank in the future!

Peggy Keefe-Lopez
About the Author

Peggy Keefe-Lopez is a closet hippie. A fan of making DIY beauty care and household cleaning products, she’s always fully stocked on honey, vinegar, and baking soda, but saves lots of money! And as Kasasa’s social media czar, she spends enough work hours on Facebook and Twitter to get reprimanded at a normal job.

3 Questions for Peggy:

  1. Do you look good in a baseball cap?

    You’ll never know. I hate wearing things on my head – caps, wigs, Sorting Hats. (I’d totally be Ravenclaw btw.)

  2. What’s your guilty pleasure?

    Reality TV generally annoys me but whenever I catch Millionaire Matchmaker on I must watch it. People with tons of money can fail at things too? That’s very affirming.

  3. What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten?

    Getting married and locking down free tax preparation for life! I love my frugal, finance-obsessed husband.

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