Do You Really Need A Bank Account?

Do You Really Need A Bank Account?You’re sick of the fees. You’re sick of the bad customer service. You hate having to spend money every time you want access to your own money through an ATM. With all the associated costs and annoyances, why do we all even bother having bank accounts? You’ve got a perfectly good mattress you can stuff that cash under.


Almost one in four households manage to get by either without a bank account, or with limited use of bank accounts. Could that option be right for you?


Banking may not always seem like the most useful industry, but it exists for a reason. If you’re seriously considering foregoing a bank account all together, here’s some pros and cons you need to keep in mind.


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The Upside Of Being Downsized: The Optimist’s Guide To Getting Laid Off

16 Ways to Ready Yourself for or Rebound from a Layoff“Can you meet in the conference room for a second?”


Such an innocent-sounding question. How could I have known it was the beginning of the end?


In March 2013, I was laid off. Can I just say how stunning it was, being let go? The memory of it reminds me of bumping into furniture – that bone-jarring feeling that leaves you speechless just before the pain sets in.


Although it was unexpected, it’s remarkable that it hadn’t happened to me sooner, given the length of my career (read: I’m not a millennial). Downsizing has touched the life of nearly every family I know. In fact, there were more than 500,000 layoffs in U.S. companies in 2013 alone, according to a report by Challenger Gray & Christmas.


So I don’t totally “Debbie Downer” your day, please know there IS a bright side to this blog post. Whether you’ve been laid off in the past, survived a downsizing at work, or want to be just-in-case ready, here are my uncommon and optimistic tips.


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The Kasasa T-Shirt Showdown: Help Us Pick The Best Kasasa T-Shirt & You Could Win One

Enter To Win A Free T-Shirt By Helping Us Pick Our Next DesignHow would you like a free t-shirt?


Maybe you’re thinking it depends on the shirt. Who cares if it’s free if it’s not one you actually like?


Well how would you like to be involved in selecting the design of that free shirt before you win it?


We are celebrating that over 100,000 of you have “liked” Kasasa on Facebook by creating our newest Kasasa t-shirt. And we want YOU to help us decide which wins. You help us by spreading the word about Kasasa so we want to give you something back.


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10 Apple Recipes Perfect For Your Halloween Party

10 Apple Recipes Perfect For Your Halloween PartyIt’s convenient that National Apple Month is in the same month as Halloween. It turns out apples lend themselves to a wide range of creepy but delicious Halloween-themed desserts. And they’re one of the least expensive fruits!


Prep for your next Halloween party with some deliciously spooky homemade apple recipes that won’t cost much to make.


Apple Recipes to Die For


1) Basic Caramel Apple Recipe

No list of Fall-themed apple recipes is complete without caramel apples. Lady by the Bay has a caramel apple recipe that’s delicious and will save you tons of money versus buying pre-made caramel apples.

Halloween Party Pro Tip: Make your caramel apples more Halloween friendly by decorating them jack-o-lantern style with some icing or adding a few candy corns to them before the caramel dries.

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10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For The Frugal and Creative

10 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For The Frugal and CreativeDo-it-yourself (DIY) Halloween costumes are always more fun than something bought from the store. They give you the chance to be crafty and creative, but more importantly, they’re cheap!


The internet in general, and Pinterest in particular, are full of DIY Halloween costume ideas from the extremely simple concoctions for the laziest amongst us – like this toga to more complicated and impressive suggestions like Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice.


Here are ten of the cleverest frugal options out there.


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