The $100 BBQ: How To Throw A Great Summer BBQ On a Budget

The $100 BBQ: How To Throw A Great Summer BBQ On a BudgetThe summer BBQ is a tradition pretty much everyone loves. It’s an opportunity to get together with friends, eat good food, and spend a little time outside.


When there’s a crowd, though, it’s hard to throw a BBQ affordably. Feeding a lot of people always costs money, and making sure you’re stocked on the basic condiments and drinks really adds up.


That said, having done the math and researched some basic savings tips, I can say with confidence: the $100 summer BBQ is possible!


For a group of 10-12 people, even if you don’t have the usual burger condiments already in the fridge to turn to, you can still get away with staying under $100.


The $100 Summer BBQ


The premise: Throw a barbecue party for $10 or less per person, with at least two meat options and drinks included. In this scenario, sides provided by guests.

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The Tipping Conundrum: How Much To Tip? [POLL]

The Tipping Conundrum: How Much To Tip?Politics and religion are widely regarded as topics to be avoided to keep a conversation more civil. If you’ve ever witnessed a heated debate over how much to tip, you know that the subject of tipping etiquette can give them a run for their money.  In the United States, tipping is a regular part of life. Most people have a set idea of how much to tip at a restaurant (although amounts vary – I go with 20% personally), but where people can really get confused and flustered are all those less common and more ambiguous situations where tips are expected. Read on for a few suggestions from our research and to take our tipping poll.

Tipping Guides

If you’re interested in a tipping guide that covers the most common scenarios, here are a few to help you out:

Knowing the standard amount to tip for different types of services doesn’t cover every tipping scenario. There are still plenty of situations where tipping etiquette is unclear enough to cause awkwardness and confusion.

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FAQ: What is APY?

FAQ: What is APY?To the average account holder, banking terms aren’t very familiar. When you’re researching the best bank for your needs and you see acronyms like APY, CD, and APR thrown around, it can confuse the process. Here’s what you need to know about APY to make an informed decision when choosing the best bank for your next checking or savings account.


What is APY?

APY stands for “annual percentage yield.”  You know the interest rate of a checking or savings account makes a difference to how much money your account makes you, but understanding the APY of that account gives you an even clearer picture of the money you’ll be earning.

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10 Easy Expenses You Can Skip To Start Saving Money

10 Easy Expenses You Can Skip To Start Saving MoneyIf you’re like most people, your monthly expenses probably include a lot of things you pay for without thinking. How much are you buying on automatic that’s unnecessary or doesn’t really add much to your life?


If you really give your regular expenses a look, you’ll probably find a good number of items you can live without…with little sacrifice. Even if you already took the advice of seemingly every financial expert out there and cut out that daily trip to Starbucks, there are still a number of easy cuts you can make.


Skip These 10 Expenses for Better Savings

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Break Your Big Banking Habit: Get Refunds For All ATMs With Kasasa

Break Your Big Banking Habit: Get Refunds For All ATMs With Kasasa

Every ATM is a friendly ATM when you Kasasa!

It’s been common knowledge for some time now that the big banks don’t always put their customers’ wellbeing first. Yet they still get plenty of business from normal Americans who have suffered the consequences of their bad decisions.


Why aren’t more people switching banks?

For many people the appeal of sticking with a big bank is convenience. National chains have lots of locations and even more ATMs. Sure, local banks can offer better service, less fees, and general savings, but your big bank has an ATM right up the street. Switching banks would mean having to go out of your way to get more cash, right?


Nope. Kasasa helps you break that big banking habit, without losing the convenience benefit. The Kasasa checking accounts available at local banks and credit unions all refund ATM fees*. You can take cash out from any ATM across the country and count on getting that money back.

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