Retirement Planning 101: Your Top 401k Questions Answered

Retirement Planning 101: Your Top 401k Questions AnsweredWe all know we want to retire, but figuring out the right retirement plan to get there can seem pretty complicated. If you have questions about how a 401k works or how to make sure your retirement plan is solid enough, hopefully our 401k FAQs can help.


How does a 401k work?


A 401k plan is a benefit commonly offered by employers to ensure employees have money to retire with. A set percentage is automatically taken out of each paycheck and invested in a 401k account made up of investments (usually stocks, bonds, mutual funds) that the employee can pick themselves.


Depending on the particulars of the plan offered by employers, the money invested may be tax-free and matching contributions may be made by the employer. If either of those benefits are included in your 401k plan, financial experts recommend contributing the maximum amount each year, or as close to it as you can manage.

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New Year Good Luck Traditions From Around The World

New Year Good Luck Traditions From Around The WorldRight around this time last year, I told a friend I was planning to make a black-eyed peas dish for New Year’s Eve and was surprised to learn that he had never heard of that particular New Year’s tradition. That was the first time I realized that the tradition I grew up with was particular to the southern United States.   New Year’s traditions are common in most cultures, but what those traditions look like changes depending on where you are in the world. We’ve all imbued this special day with an assumed power over the future – what happens on New Years doesn’t stay on New Year’s, it determines the next twelve months. At least according to superstition. That’s why New Year good luck traditions abound, some of them familiar, others downright bizarre.


New Year’s Food Traditions

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Save Money On A Manicure: 7 DIY Christmas Nail Art Designs

Creative And Cute: 7 DIY Christmas Nail Art DesignsA creative Christmas manicure doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg (or fingers and toes for that matter). The crafty do-it-yourself denizens of the web have adorable Christmas nail art ideas in spades to encourage even the most beginner nail artists to get creative for the holidays.


7 Creative DIY Christmas Nail Art Designs


1) Santa Suit Nails 


These Santa suits are about as cute as Christmas nail art gets. They’re relatively easy to do and will ensure everyone at your next Christmas party is commenting on your adorable nails.

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5 Christmas Cocktails From Kasasa’s Festive Family

Savor These 5 Rewarding Kasasa Christmas Cocktails ‘Tis the season for libation — and the reasons are many. Whether you’re out to socialize, recline, delight your palate, entertain, or get adventurous, our Kasasa family has Christmas cocktails that’ll give you a little something extra. Here are five Kasasan-crafted mixed drinks, including a gutsy new White Russian recipe.


Kasasa Christmas Cocktails


Savvy Moxie Valiant


Looking for holiday cocktails that’ll really get your guests talking? Spanish Copywriter Claudia Alarcon’s Savvy Moxie Valiant instantly infuses standard party banter with those very Kasasa qualities.

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15 Holiday Gifts For Under $10

15 Holiday Gifts For Under $10Being generous always feels nice, but during the holidays it can be hard to pull off without going way over your monthly budget. Plus, according to economists, holiday gifts are a waste of resources.

When you’re being careful about your spending, you don’t want any money to be wasted. But you also don’t want to be the Scrooge that doesn’t get anybody anything. The answer: seek out inexpensive Christmas gifts (and Hanukkah gifts, or presents for any other gift-giving holiday you celebrate) that still feel personal and meaningful.

You want to pick something that suits the personality of the recipient; so some of these may not be a good fit for the people in your life. Think outside the department store box and research DIY options. You can keep your Christmas gifts affordable without seeming like a cheapskate.   Read more