Celebrate National Coupon Month Like A Tech Savvy Saver: 5 Free Coupon Apps To Download Right This Second

5 Free Coupon Apps You Should Download Right This Second - The Kasasa BlogSeptember is National Coupon Month! To celebrate, we’re pointing you in the direction of five coupon apps that slash costs on everyday purchases — ninja style.


While Kasasa is definitely about offering better options than the big banks, we’re also about arming people in the battle to save their hard-earned cash. Fellow financial freedom fighters: your smartphone is one of the most valuable weapons in your arsenal.


(PS: check out our “Couponing 101” post where we compiled tips from four expert couponers.)


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Couponing 101: How To Coupon Like The Experts

Couponing 101: How To Coupon Like The Experts

John Santarpia’s pre-Thanksgiving score at Publix. He spent $36 and saved $253!

Are you a novice coupon clipper? If you’re on the outside looking in, the world of extreme couponing can seem a little strange and overwhelming. Those on the inside though know a little time spent couponing each week can bring great rewards and a very happy wallet.


For National Coupon Month, we have gathered tips and best practices from several expert coupon clippers who have been saving money for . Even if you’ve never touched a coupon in your life, their experience can help you start saving the big bucks this month. Here’s how to coupon like the best of them.

(Also, don’t miss our other coupon month post, “5 Free Coupon Apps To Download Right This Second.”)

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FAQ: How Often Does Kasasa Pay Interest?

FAQ: How Often Does Kasasa Pay Interest?One of the most important features for the financially conscious to consider when choosing a bank account is the interest rate. For all its importance, understanding which accounts offer the best interest rates can actually be pretty confusing. It’s not just about the numbers – confusing terms like APY and APR make it clear there’s more to it than just a percentage number.


A Key Factor in Evaluating High Interest Accounts


To make sure you’re choosing the account that will earn you the most, you need to know how often interest is paid.


Usually that should be pretty easy to find out and we want all current Kasasa account holders – and anyone considering switching to Kasasa – to know exactly what to expect from our accounts.

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Be the Best Grandkid: 5 Tips for An Awesome & Free Grandparents Day Gift

Be the Best Grandkid: 5 Tips for An Awesome & Free Grandparents Day GiftWhat makes a good gift for Grandparents Day (which is Sunday, by the way)? You want to give them something that’s personal, that’s practical, and that helps them feel more connected to the family that mean so much to them.


A framed photo can pull that off, but it’s a one-time gift. What if you could give them a steady stream of regularly updated photographs and messages from friends and family? You can probably see where I’m going with this. There’s a lot that grandparents can get out of social media if they can get used to using it.


Luckily, most of us grandkids are of an age where technology’s second nature for us. If you’ve been brainstorming Grandparents Day ideas without any luck, turn it into an opportunity to teach them something that will make their days brighter for years to come.

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FAQ: How To Find The Bank Accounts With The Best Interest Rates

FAQ: How To Find The Bank Accounts With The Best Interest RatesYou may have heard someone suggest before that for millionaires, the first million is the hardest to make. The idea behind the common saying is that once you have a lot of money, good investments and bank accounts with high interest rates start making lots of money for you.


You don’t have to have a million to start earning a lot with high interest accounts though, just a knack for finding the best interest rates available to you.


The national averages for bank accounts fall well below 1%. For savings accounts, it’s 0.06% APY. For checking accounts that earn interest, it’s 0.04% APY. To put that into perspective, if you have a checking account with an average balance of $10,000, you’ll earn just $4 a year at that rate.


Have no fear. There are better options out there! For example, many Kasasa accounts offer interest rates as high as 3.00% APY when certain qualifications are met, such as using your debit card and making automatic payments.* Using that same example, if you had $10,000 in your free Kasasa Cash checking account, and met your monthly qualifications, you could earn more than $300. (See how Kasasa accounts are able to reward you so much more than the national average in this blog post.)

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