8 Fun And Affordable DIY Hanukkah Decorations

8 Fun And Affordable DIY Hanukkah Decorations  Eight days of gifts can put a big enough dent in your wallet, and that’s without spending money on Hanukkah decorations too. Switching to do-it-yourself crafts for your Hanukkah decorations this year can give the family something fun to do together and save you a little cash during what often feels like the season of spending.


DIY Hanukkah Decorations That Cost You Less


1) Wooden Star of David


This one-time Hanukkah craft can make a lovely decoration for many years to come. It does require a small time commitment, but the materials are cheap and the extra work will make the end result that much more valuable to your family.

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5 Ways To Give Back Throughout The Year

5 Ways To Give Back Throughout The YearIt’s the giving season. For about two months, everyone’s encouraged to think about giving: giving thanks for the ways in which we’re fortunate, giving gifts to those we love, and giving back to our communities. It’s easy to get swept up in the season.


The people, animals, and causes that need us don’t go away on January 1st though. While we all intellectually know that all those causes and needs exist year-round, it can be easy for them to slip our minds once the holiday season ends and we’re no longer in active giving mode.


We’ve compiled a list to help you make giving back a more automatic habit.


5 Easy Ways To Give Back This Year

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Small Business Saturday: 5 Tips for Local Christmas Gift Shopping

Small Business Saturday: 5 Tips for Local Christmas Gift ShoppingIf you do all of this year’s holiday shopping at malls and big box stores, you’ll miss out on a chance to support small businesses and find more unique gifts for friends and family in the process. Small Business Saturday encourages people to break out of the habit of automatically heading to Wal-Mart or Amazon for those Christmas gifts and instead invest in the businesses most likely to give back.


Because small businesses DO give back. They provide over half of the jobs in this country and two-thirds of the new jobs created since the 1970′s. They also invest more in the local community, putting three times more back into the local economy than national businesses do.


They also tend to offer more personal, friendly customer service, so you’ll probably have a more pleasant experience shopping at a small business than you would waiting in line for a deal on electronics at one of the bigger stores.

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15 DIY Christmas Gifts For The Spa Lover On Your List

15 DIY Christmas Gifts For The Spa Lover On Your ListHomemade Christmas gifts aren’t just a nice way to save money; they offer the added benefit of being more personal than a gift certificate to a fancy spa. With do-it-yourself (DIY) spa tips and recipes, you can give the gift of luxury without the high price tag.


15 DIY Christmas Gifts Worthy of the Spa


Homemade Christmas Gifts for Feet and Hands:

Because our hands and feet get lots of use every day, they often suffer from dry skin, calluses, and general worn-outness.  A few fancy DIY spa remedies can help make them feel like new.


1) Lime and Mint Foot Soak

This foot soak will not only soothe any aches in your recipient’s feet, but it will also help soften the skin and make their feet smell better. Most of the ingredients needed are items you probably already have around the house, so putting it together should be simple and cheap.


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Money Management 101: Apple Pay vs Paypal vs Google Wallet

Money Management 101: Apple Pay vs Paypal vs Google WalletFor everyone who thought reaching into a wallet to get a credit card out was just too much work, a growing number of services have become available to make buying things even simpler. These services come from some of the biggest companies out there and promise ease and security in the payment process. They also promise to change how spending and money management look for most people in the years to come.


Payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Wallet have made the familiar American Express slogan “don’t leave home without it” obsolete. If you’re curious to dip your toes into this new world of paying for things differently, here are the main payment services to know about.

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