Grandparents Day Gifts: 17 Pregnancy Reveal Ideas To Surprise New Grandparents

Revealing to my parents that they are going to be grandparents.

Revealing to my parents that they are going to be grandparents.

Congratulations on your awesome news! Pregnancy is an exciting time, made even more exciting when you get to break the news to others. Now you have the special opportunity to tell your parents they will be first-time grandparents! It’s perfect timing too – Grandparents Day is around the corner, it falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day every year. I’ve compiled a few fun pregnancy reveal ideas perfect for breaking the news to first-time grandparents any time of year.


How I Surprised My Parents

I’m the oldest in my family and had the honor telling my parents that they would be grandparents for the very first time. It was so much fun. My husband’s family lives in another state than we and my parents do, but since we found out we were pregnant a few weeks before Easter we conspired to get both families together to share the news with everyone at once. Although it was a little difficult convincing them to hop on a plane for Easter (which is not a big family holiday for us — we typically save travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas) my husband’s insistence paid off and we had both sets of parents together for Easter.

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Debit vs Credit: How The Rewards Compare

Debit vs Credit: How The Rewards CompareA question we hear a lot is “how do I get all my Kasasa debit card swipes, and still earn credit card rewards?” We understand. When you use your rewards credit card for most of your purchases, it feels like you’re getting something back each time. You don’t want to give that up. Up to now, the choice between debit vs credit at each purchase has been a no brainer.


It’s possible you’re giving your rewards card too much credit (pun intended). While the rewards you can earn with a Kasasa account work differently than those of your rewards credit card, they pay off in real earnings and savings for you. But the better news – you can definitely use both.


Debit vs Credit: Let’s Compare Rewards

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Back-To-School Shopping Deals: 7 Serious Student Discounts On Electronics

Back-To-School Shopping Deals: 7 Serious Student Discounts On ElectronicsIt’s that (other) time of year when everywhere you look you see ads, sales, and a general cultural drive toward shopping. Back-to-school shopping costs for scholars of any age are significant, but they definitely make a dent when said scholar is heading to college.


Computers and other expensive electronics are high on the list of big-ticket items college students need. Luckily, many companies offer back-to-school laptop deals or other similar incentives to help offset the cost of buying electronics as part of your back-to-school shopping.

(Note: check out our other post on back-to-school shopping at “5 Ways To Save On Back-To-School Shopping (And One Way to Give)“)

7 Ways To Save On Electronics During Back-To-School Shopping


Most of the big tech companies provide special pricing for students, so you can go straight to the source to grab great back-to-school deals on your electronic college school supplies.

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10 Tips For Affordable Dorm Room Decorations

10 Tips For Affordable Dorm Room Decorations

Clever and temporary washi tape frames from DesignSponge.

The right dorm room decorations can turn a generic dorm room into a space that’s more distinctly yours. Before you get too excited about pursuing elaborate decorating ideas that don’t fit your budget, consider some cheap room decor alternatives.


10 Savings Tips for Dorm Room Decorations


1) Check at re-sale shops like Goodwill.

Before buying anything full price, see what you can find at the cheaper re-sale shops like Goodwill. Pinterest is full of pictures of DIY cheap room decor people have made from things found at their local Goodwill locations. You’ll probably like your own unique decorations than the more expensive options elsewhere.


2) Decorate your walls with pictures of friends and family, post cards, and images printed out from online.

Skip spending money on posters or other wall decorations. Decorate with items that have more meaning to you instead.


Images of friends and family are always nice to have around, especially when you’re far away. Post cards are generally pretty cheap and can be reminders of places you or friends have visited. And there are loads of public domain images you can find online and print out to add some color to your dorm room. You can easily fill your walls for free (or close to it).

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5 Ways To Save On Back-To-School Shopping (And One Way to Give)

5 Ways To Save On Back-To-School Shopping (And One Way to Give)Back-to-school shopping is a yearly rite of passage for most families. It’s easy to get carried away with all the ads, sales, and excited kids begging for new clothes. You can treat your kids to some new back-to-school outfits without letting the costs get too out of control. Here are some tips to help.


5 Ways To Buy Back-To-School Outfits For Less


1) Make a list of what you need before you start your back-to-school shopping.

You and your kids will probably see a lot you want once you’re at the store, but most of what you want won’t be something you need. Go through your kids’ closets and make an inventory of which clothes are too small or ragged, and which are still fine for your kids to keep wearing.

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