Top 5 Best Drinks For The Fall

It’s officially fall. That means it’s time to break out the hoodies and light jackets, and watch the leaves change as you get ready to hunker down for hibernation season.

But it wouldn’t be fall without a warm, spiced beverage to keep your hands warm and your belly feeling snug. Here are our Top 5 Fall Drinks:


Dirty Chai Latte Dirty Chai Latte

This is a great drink for any season but when it starts to get cold, I gravitate to a dirty chai for that spiced pick-me up. What makes it “dirty,” you ask? A shot of espresso!

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7 Frugal Family Fall Activities

The sunny days of summer may be in the past, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. There’s still plenty of time left to enjoy fun events with your family before the chill of winter sets in. Depending on your climate, the breezy fall days may be even more enjoyable than those of the humid, sticky summer. If you’re looking for some penny-wise entertainment this fall, check out some of these frugal fall activities.


Backyard Bonfires

Backyard Bonfires

The fall enjoyment you’re looking for could be as close as your backyard. The cool, crisp weather makes cozying up next to a roaring bonfire with a gooey s’more much more enjoyable.


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5 Rewarding Things To Do In Covington, Georgia

5 Rewarding Things To Do In Covington, GeorgiaKasasa® Community Spotlight features the hometowns of local banks and credit unions. Content provided by Newton Federal Bank in Covington, GA.

Covington is known for its rich history and involvement in the exciting world of film and television. The city has had a leading role in several productions, earning it the nickname “The Hollywood of the South.”

The Kasasa Rewards Rush is excited to visit this special place as part of Newton Federal Bank’s Customer Tailgate Party — a free customer appreciation event happening this Friday, October 2nd. If you’re looking for something rewarding to do, stop by Newton Federal Bank’s eastside branch for free food, music, games and more!

Also, be sure to check out these other rewarding ways to spend some time in Covington:


1. Feast And Drink At The Mystic Grill.

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5 Rewarding Things To Do In Kennett, Missouri

 5 Rewarding Things To Do In Kennett, Missouri

Kasasa® Community Spotlight features the hometowns of local banks and credit unions. Content provided by Kennett National Bank in Kennett, MO.

There’s just something special about Kennett, Missouri. Located in Missouri’s “Bootheel,” the city is rich with agriculture, music and nearby natural preserves. It’s the proud hometown of Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow, as well as country artists David Nail and Trent Tomlinson.

As the Kasasa Rewards Rush makes its way to Kennett this week, we asked our friends at Kennett National Bank what makes Kennett a rewarding place to be. They described the beauty of Kennett’s farmland, as well as a number of rewarding things to do in the area.



1. Find Family Fun At The Delta Fair.

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5 Rewarding Things To Do At The Durham Fair in Durham, Connecticut

5 Rewarding Things To Do At The Durham Fair in Durham, ConnecticutKasasa® Community Spotlight features the hometowns of local banks and credit unions. Content provided by Seasons Federal Credit Union in Middletown, CT.

A Yelp review called the Durham Fair “one of the best in Connecticut.” First held in 1916 and run entirely by volunteers, it’s a Durham tradition that draws fairgoers from near and far.

The Kasasa Rewards Rush truck will be joining in the fun this week. Go inside the truck, brave the whirlwind, and grab your share of rewards during your day at the fair!

Speaking of rewards, we asked Seasons FCU about some of the most rewarding things to do at the Durham Fair, and here’s what they suggested.


1. Take A Break From Your Diet And Find The Best Fair Food.

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Recap: #MCChat on Saving Money in College

Recap: #MCChat on Saving Money in CollegeBeing a college student is hard enough. It’s a time of testing the waters, failing a bunch, and developing skills that will eventually become your gateway to the professional world. Everyone has their own path, but a common thread in all college stories is money.

How you choose to spend your money in college can affect the next 10 to 30 years of your life. College loans are higher than ever, and another financial downfall can be racking up a bunch of credit card debt.

That’s why we teamed up with the financial blog to cohost a Twitter chat on “The Ways To Save Money in College.”

We chatted with a ton of experts, as well as people going through the collegiate financial motions right now. Let’s take a look at what was covered, and what we learned along the way.

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5 Rewarding Things To Do In Berkshire County, Massachusetts

5 Rewarding Things To Do In Berkshire County, MassachusettsKasasa® Community Spotlight features the hometowns of local banks and credit unions. Content provided by Lee Bank in Lenox, MA.

Berkshire County, also known as “the Berkshires,” inspires with its lush trees and hills. Literary greats such as Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne walked here, and songwriter James Taylor described the Berkshires as “dreamlike” in one of his best-known songs.

The Berkshires are a hub for natural beauty and the arts. So when we asked our friends at Lee Bank about rewarding things to do in the area, it was no surprise that many of their suggestions revolved around outdoor recreation and musical performances. Here are a few of their top suggestions.


1. See The Berkshires By Bike, Boat And Foot.

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The Best Part-Time Jobs For College Students

The Best Part Time Jobs for College Students

Nanny – Love kids? This is the job for you.

Benefits: Good pay (average of $13.50 an hour,) possible downtime to focus on studies when/if the kids nap, flexible schedule.

Bank Teller – Learn about the power of money. Everyone could use a little bit of financial literacy in his or her life, especially a college student.

Benefits: Up to $15 an hour, flexible schedule, and a chance to understand how you can put your money to work!

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Top 5 Websites To Find Scholarships

Top 5 Websites to Find Scholarships

You know what’s great? Free money. Free money feels so good.

Now that you’ve graduated high-school (the best, or worst, years of your life, depending on who you ask) and you’re out on your own, who is ever going to give you free money? Whether you’re still getting some allowance from your parents or not, college bills are beginning to stack up. So what’s your way around that? Scholarships.

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Dorm Room Cooking Hacks

Dorm Room Cooking Hacks

Let’s face it. When you’re in college, eating healthy is really not your top priority. You have much bigger, more important things to worry about. It is interesting though, that whenever I’d get back to my dorm room, whether that be from the library, class, or a night out with friends, I’d always be craving something to eat. This excludes the times that I’d come directly home after purging myself on everything in the dining hall.

Whatever the scenario is, you’re hungry. And all you have is your dorm room. Let’s assume the pizza place is closed, and you don’t have (or need to) be spending money on that Chinese food spot. So where do you turn?

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